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Some of Craig’s Most Requested Programs –

“My Heroes Have Always Worn Hairnets” – (Vision/Purpose/Self-Esteem) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3440/4140

Have you ever said to yourself, “Self … am I really making a difference in what I do every single day?”  Are you frustrated with yourself because you talked yourself out of applying for that promotion or even living your dream?  Don’t feel silly, you are not alone.  This dynamic fun-packed program will help you revitalize your interest in one of the most important jobs in the world, being a child nutrition professional.  You will be amazed at just how simple it is to be a true hero and change your life forever.

“Are You Twenty Feet Tall And Bulletproof?” – ( Leadership/Vision/Purpose) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3410

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … faster than a locomotive?  I bet some days that is what you feel like you have to be able to do, don’t you?  Or, what about living a life without compromise or fear?  Are you frustrated with yourself because you know what you want but just can’t grasp it?  The world you are living in isn’t getting any easier, is it?  The known fact is that life is changing, with or without you.  You can feel that deep inside your being, can’t you?  This program will help you uncover some secret cutting-edge concepts that only a select few know about change and leadership.   

“How To Handle Conflict With A Touch Of Courage” – (Conflict Resolution) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3440/3450

Conflict resolution … as a leader you have to deal with it whether you want to or not.  And for most of you it is a big part of your job.  What would you give to be able to handle conflict with ease and comfort?  Imagine if you discovered that there is a stealth language of persuasion and influence, and that there truly are some ‘mystical words’ that can unlock the inner minds of people in conflict.  What would it mean to you to have the persuasion and influence of some of the world’s most powerful leaders?  When it comes to conflict the powerful leaders have an uncanny ability to intercede and make changes before the conflict gets out of control.  How do they do that?  In this presentation you will gain the knowledge and insights to do just that and build many more tools to have at your disposal in your conflict resolution tool box.

“How To Toot Your Horn Without Blowing It?” – (Communication) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3440/ 3450

Imagine what it would be like to handle those things in life that really tick you off?  You know, those things that keep you awake at night and stressed out.  This powerful program will show you how and what it takes to be more confident, happy, motivated and laser focused.  It will help you create new relationships and how to strengthen existing ones.  You will learn how to get total support from co-workers, customers, family, friends, and even perfect strangers everywhere you go.  I will teach you a shocking way to end conflict with yourself and others instantly.  Finally, you will learn how to manage your internal state so you never ever again feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or are having a bad hair day!  

“Top Ten Signs Of CN Burnout” – (Stress Management) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3450

Are you burned out … close to flaming out … or glowing bright?  Which one can you relate to?  In today’s fast -paced nonstop world of work and home life you barely get a chance to breathe, let alone think about how to keep your employees and family motivated to work at their highest potential and to be more productive.  In this program you will learn exactly what the top ten life stressors are so you can avoid them altogether.     

“Change vs. Conflict … Chicken Or The Egg?” – (Change Management) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3440/ 3450

It is hard to have one without the other but which one comes first?  They usually involve some type of personality clash and are fueled by emotion and opinion.  Managing both can be a tricky thing.  Great leaders have the uncanny ability to intercede and make changes before the conflict becomes disruptive chaos.  This program will teach you how to make lasting changes in your life along with the six rules to squash conflicts.  So why not learn how to accept and not fight change and conflict?


“When Generations Collide – How To Avoid The Big BANG!” – (Teams/Communication) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3440

Do you have a kitchen that feels like a war zone?  Are your employees at each other’s throat?  Do your employees look at you like you are from another planet when you ask them to do something?  Guess what, you are not alone because CN leaders think that it might be poor communication or lack of conflict resolution skills.  This program is not about either of those, it is about how to navigate the mine fields of working with a multigenerational workforce.  We will take a fresh look at a growing challenge because right now in 2016 there are five generations still in the workforce.  Our industry is unlike most others in that we can and have all five in our kitchens.  This program will help you to uncover some simple hidden techniques to help you handle miscommunications, employee conflict, loyalty issues and work ethic debates in a multigenerational workforce.


“Memory Magic It Is Easier Than YOU Think” – (Improve Memory & Retention) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3440/3450

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Darn it, it’s right on the tip of my tongue …!” and you just cannot remember that one fact, to-do list or somebody’s name that you just met?  As human beings we are conditioned to believe that we have a less than perfect memory and that as we get older it will only get worse.  The reality is that this is not true and we all have a perfect memory from before birth – and you just have to learn how to access it.  Experts tell us that our subconscious mind stores everything that has ever happened to us with 100% accuracy.  So the question you are probably asking yourself is, “How do I access all those memories stored in the deepest part of my mind?”  In this program you will learn some simple tools and techniques for improving recall and building your memory muscle.  These powerful tools will enable you to immediately improve your recall of names, lists and to-do’s.


“Happiness – Fact or Fiction? – (Employee Motivation & Success) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3450

Can you learn to be happy or are you just stuck?  Imagine how happy you would be if all your interactions with others were pleasant and positive.  Does it sound too good to be true?  This program will show you some easy steps to discover how quite simple it really is.  In addition, I will debunk the myth of the American dream – “If you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful then you’ll be happy.”  Conventional wisdom tells us that this is true.  Or, if we just find a better job, win the lottery, lose five pounds then happiness will follow.  Learn how in the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience proves that this formula is actually backwards.  The experts tell us that happiness fuels success.  When we are happy and more positive, our brains enable us to be more creative, engaged, motivated, energetic and productive at work.


“Get UP … Stop SHAKING … Stand OUT – (Fearless & Flawless Presentation Skills) – USDA Prof. Standards – 4130/4120/4140/4150

This program is designed to give you REAL results to improve your speaking and presentation skills.  How would you like to learn the secrets to attain instant confidence and laser-like focus so you can breeze through our next presentation or meeting?  For most, getting up in front of and speaking to a group of people is paralyzing.  This program will teach you tried and proven presentation skills, vocal techniques and strategies to help you rise above your fears and present like a pro!


“How To Organize & Get More Done Easier & Faster” – (Time Management/Organization Skills/Stress Reduction) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3210

I bet you are like most people … do you ever have a feeling of being overwhelmed … too much to do and not enough time to do it?  Believe me you are not alone.  In today’s world you are busier, more pressured and more stressed out than ever before.  How would it feel to have more peace of mind while being able to get more done than ever before?  This program will give you solutions with some cutting-edge techniques to help you get a handle on organization and productivity so you can enjoy life more.


“My Hamburger Is Cold … What Are You Going To Do About It?” – (Customer Service/ Communication) – USDA Prof. Standards – 3210/3350/3440/4120/4150/4160

Customer complaints … we all have them, but do all of your employees know how to diplomatically handle them?  Ever wonder why you are losing customers?  In today’s fight to stay afloat with your CN program, it takes a lot more than controlling food costs, labor and HACCP.  The simple fact is that if you can’t keep participation up and your employees and customers happy you WILL NOT SURVIVE!


“Nuts & Bolts Of Cutting Costs Through Inventory Management” – (Purchasing/ Inventory Control) – USDA Prof. Standards – 2510/2520/2530/2640

Do you ever feel like some days that your CN program is hemorrhaging money?  Too much food waste, tight margins, lack of efficiencies … and don’t get me started about product walking out the back door.  What is a CN director, supervisor or manager supposed to do?  Don’t despair there are some simple things that you can do to help cut costs in your operations whether you have five or five hundred schools.  The proven fact is, the more money you save, the more money you have to put back into increasing your participation and growing your program.  This presentation will cover the basics of CN inventory management from stand-alone kitchens to central warehouse operations.  With a solid understanding of how inventory management impacts your bottom-line, combined with good procedures, tools in place, and proper training of employees, accurate inventory management will decrease costs to free up funds.



** Please note that all programs are customizable to meet your needs, themes and topics specific to your organization.  The above listings are just a small sampling of the many programs that Craig does.  For a complete list please email Craig at craig@craigweidel.com


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